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Standard Poodles

We are preservation breeders, preserving the history of the Standard Poodle, including all the traits that make them so unique, as well as improving upon the breed with each breeding we do. We believe purebred dogs with generations of health, conformation, temperament and instinct testing will reliably predict the size, color, demeanor and coat type each poodle will be.

Due to us being in the working (drug and explosive detection) world of dogs for many years, we strive to produce a well rounded dog. This entails a dog with an outstanding temperament, with a lot of drive to work/hunt but that can still have a good on/off switch to be able to live with families.  Our goal is to build a beautiful dog that meets the breed standard that will have longevity due to paying close attention to structure and genetic health testing.  We take our dogs out in the field to test there huntablility and hope to preserve the instincts the poodle was bred for.  A balanced body and mind creates a dog that is a pleasure to live with and be around.


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